The Center of Engineering, Management & Technology brings together the resources of the College to create innovative and interdisciplinary programs for our students. 

Engineering Management

The College has developed a program to serve the growing need for professionals in technical and industrial enterprises that deal with the organizational, strategic and administrative responsibilities that come with management and leadership. Engineers and those with science and technical backgrounds are consistently being tapped as a resource for directing the most important initiatives at their organizations. The Center has brought together top management from industry, in consultation with corporate partners, to design a curriculum and to guide the development of College's innovative coursework in engineering management education. This also includes collaboration with Temple's Fox School of Business for their business expertise and to provide a comprehensive degree.

The master of science in engineering management provides professional development designed to enhance the ability for engineers to innovate and lead. The online version M.S. in Engineering management is the same degree as the on-campus program with the convenience of accessing a Temple education from anywhere. We also offer a certificate in engineering management program for those interested in just a few of the select courses.

For further information contact the Center's director, Dr. Thomas Edwards,

Interdisciplinary Engineering

The cross-disciplinary Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) combines learning from several areas to create unique skillsets that are highly marketable. A curriculum that takes courses from several departments creates study tracks or provides a basis for further study in business, law, medicine or further study in an engineering graduate program. The tracks include

  • Computer and Software Engineering
  • Electro-optical Engineering
  • Energy and Power Engineering
  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Electromechanical Engineering

To give students the opportunity to understand these specialties the College provides a strong foundation in the basic sciences and mathematics in a common first year. The Center then aims to bring together the in-demand cross-functional skillsets desired in many industries, including the analysis, design and development of systems for diverse applications. 

For further information contact the BSE program director, Dr. Dennis Silage,

Engineering Technology

The ABET accredited, four year, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology program provides the educational background and hands-on experience necessary to become an effective engineering technologist or an applied engineer. Careers as engineering technologists, specialists in the applications of engineering in various technological fields, working with design engineers to translate conceptual ideas into functioning systems. These professionals provide supervisory direction for the implementation of these ideas by the technicians and craftsmen. ngineering technologists work on implementing and improving existing engineering operations, ams focus on applied knowledge rather than abstract theory.

The program provides technological skills with ability to concentrate on a specific area to meet student's own personal career objectives. Engineering technologists work on implementing and improving existing engineering operations, so coursework focus is on applied knowledge rather than abstract theory. Faculty advisors work with students to select electives that allow for specialization in one of  the following concentrations:

  • Energy Technology
  • General Technology
  • Environmental Engineering Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing

For more information contact associate professor David Reiser, Engineering Technology Program Director,