The +1 Bachelor’s to Master’s Accelerated programs allows eligible undergraduates to enroll in graduate-level courses during their junior and senior years. These graduate courses will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements thus requiring only one additional year beyond the bachelor’s to complete the master’s degree. Students are also billed at the undergraduate level for graduate courses completed during the junior and senior years. While the typical length to complete a master’s in engineering is two years, students in the +1 Program can complete their MS degree in only year, and save nearly 40% in the cost of tuition to obtain the degree.

Students interested in the +1 Program must meet the following requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 by the end of the 5th semester
  • Junior applicants must be able to complete their undergraduate degree in two years from admission into the + 1 Program. Senior applicants must be able to complete their undergraduate degree in one year from admission into the + 1 Program.
  • Submission of a completed +1 Degree application to Shawn Fagan, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, at by December 10th of the 5th semester of study
  • Completion of required coursework as outlined in the application.
  • Recommendation letters from two faculty members; at least one must be from a faculty member in the relevant department. These letters must be submitted in a sealed envelope bearing the writers signature on the flap of the envelope.
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume

The application and supporting documents must be submitted to Shawn Fagan, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, at before the end of the fifth semester of study.


Once approved, students will register for three or four (depending on your admit type) approved graduate-level courses in place of three or four undergraduate degree requirements (usually technical or discipline electives). Students must obtain a grade of at least a “B” in each of the graduate-level courses to remain eligible in the program.

In the final undergraduate semester, students are required to submit an application for graduate study in order to formally matriculate into the master’s program. It is recommended that students submit their graduate application by June 1 if they are interested in fall admission or November 1 for spring admission. All previously submitted documents will be applied toward the application for graduate study, and students are waived of the GRE.