Engineers are needed in nearly every sector of the economy. Demand for cross-discipline expertise is growing as highly specialized and advanced technologies are further integrated into all parts of business.

The College of Engineering has formed the new Department of Engineering, Technology & Management to bring together the resources of the College for our innovative and interdisciplinary programs. The programs within the department will draw from industry to educate the next generation of engineers with unique, business savvy and marketable skill sets.

The department's mission is to  create an alignment with industrial applications and faculty oriented to to the practice of engineering. An Industry Advisory Board will be formed to further integrate these philosophies into its programs.

The following programs are housed in the department:  

Engineering Management

The Master of Science and graduate certificate programs in engineering management serve the growing need skills for organizational, strategic and leadership skills for working engineers and those with science and technical backgrounds. Students gain business acumen and the confidence needed to direct important initiatives at their organizations. Top management from industry, through corporate partners and by incorporating coursework from Fox School of Business, bring together a curriculum that instills a mindest for innovation and management that gives engineers an edge in their careers. 


The ABET accredited Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) offers a unique combination of learning across several disciplines. This creates a blend of knowledge highly applicable for jobs in several specialized industries or as a good basis for further study in business, law, medicine or engineering graduate programs. The interdisciplinary tracks include:

  • Computer and Software Engineering
  • Electro-optical Engineering
  • Energy and Power Engineering
  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Electromechanical Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering

The College's newest program, the Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering trains for a specialization in productivity and quality improvement. These engineering professionals design and implement processes and systems to improve quality, improve productivity and eliminate waste. Industrial engineering jobs are projected to grow significantly faster than the average occupations over the next ten years. Students will gain analytical and experimental practices for system integration courses covering operations management, production planning and control, quality assurance, simulation, logistics and supply chain management.

Engineering Technology

The ABET accredited, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology provides background and hands on experience to become an effective technologist or applied engineer. Our program prepares students to become professionals ready to translate conceptual ideas into functioning systems. The program allows students to concentrate on a specific area to meet student's own personal career objectives.  Faculty advisors work with students to select electives in one of the following recommended course tracks:

  • Computer Technology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing