student at internship
Allyse during a site visit to the Port of Philadelphia

Like most engineering students, Allyse Andrews wants to know how things work. Originally, she came to Temple as a Biology major before turning to Engineering Technology. Recently, the Northeast Philadelphia native was recognized by the Philadelphia chapter of Professional Women in Construction with the Student Recognition Award. 

"I wanted to be a medical examiner, but it wasn't for me," she said. "Once I became more acclimated to Temple, I began to make friends with people in NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) and that influenced me." 

Though Allyse was connected to Temple--her mother Claire, EDU, '98, is a Temple alumna--others in her family did not pursue engineering or STEM-related fields of study, Allyse noted that they stressed the importance and she attended STEM camps each summer. Studying at Central High School also continually challenged her. 

"It was an environment where everyone strived and it was the catalyst of deciding which major I would embark on once I entered college," she said. 

While she is currently a field engineering intern with Hensel Phelps, Allyse pursued the scholarship through her previous internship with Envision Consultants, Ltd., adding that she hoped to eventually own a contracting company or engineering firm as her career progresses. 

She counted her membership in NSBE as a source of inspiration when reflecting on the award.

"There aren't many Black women in my industry. I feel humbled and honored to be recognized," she said. "When I first transferred to Temple, I was a member and NSBE provided numerous opportunities where I could network. After joining the e-board and becoming more immersed in the club, it became like a family to me. We all have or had the same professors, the same struggles, and we bonded over that. We use each other as motivation to keep going." 

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