Electrical engineers integrate technology into the everyday fabric of our lives. Computers, the internet, networks or even reliable access to electrical power have become immensely important to modern society. Temple Engineering’s Electrical & Computer Engineering Department prepares students to not only understand and work with today’s complex systems, but to develop emerging technologies that can only be imagined today.

The goal of the electrical engineering undergraduate program is to prepare students for fruitful careers as practicing engineers through the coursework and research in areas like electrical and electronic circuits, digital design, signals and systems, microprocessors applications, analog and digital communications.  Students leave prepared to contribute to teams, communicate effectively and identify problems so that they can fabricate innovative solutions. Design is integrated across the curriculum, culminating with an integrated senior design experience that encapsulates technical communications, professional development and engineering design. The graduate programs in electrical engineering, computer engineering and computer & systems security provide expertise for the next generation of specialists and leaders.

Research in the department is done to contribute to progress in looks to design and develop solutions for telecommunication networks, consumer electronics, power systems and control systems for space research. Faculty in computer engineering researches modern designs for networks, microprocessors, computers and workstations for the servers and switches that support the internet. They also deal with the integration of hardware and protocols that support the telecommunications network. Accessibility to research is integral to the success of our students and our faculty.