The College of Engineering awards the following scholarships to eligible Temple University students enrolled in an undergraduate engineering major. Students are automatically selected for the College’s scholarships based on those that best meet the criteria for each award.

The Hunter Roberts Construction Group Scholarship 

  • Students majoring in Civil Engineering or Construction Management Technology
  • Preference given to Construction Management Technology Students
  • Must demonstrate financial need

Robert J. Stone Memorial Scholarship Fund 

  • Undergraduate Civil / Environmental Engineering Student
  • Demonstrated merit 
  • Demonstrated financial need

Bill and Dianne Mensch Endowed Scholarship 

  • Eligible to Junior or Senior Students
  • Majoring in Electrical Engineering
  • Demonstrated financial need

Jaqua Foundation Endowed Scholarship 

  • Full-time Students enrolled in the College of Engineering
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Preference for State of New Jersey residents

Verage and Seda Tarzian Scholarship

  • Eligible junior and senior students
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Demonstrated financial need

Victor K. Schutz Scholarship 

  • Eligible rising junior or senior students
  • Electrical / Computer Engineering
  • Demonstrated academic merit
  • Preference toward transfer students

Alvin Greenspan Endowed Scholarship Fund 

  • Undergraduate Engineering students
  • Demonstrated merit 
  • Demonstrated financial need 

John and Lynne Ewell Engineering Scholarship Fund 

  • Engineering students
  • Demonstrated academic merit
  • Demonstrated financial need 

The George and Iris Cavallo Scholarship

  • Undergraduate Civil Engineering or Construction Management Technology student
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Preference given to residents of Philadelphia, PA 

Gilbane Building Scholarship 

  • Undergraduate Civil and Environmental or Construction Management Technology Student
  • Demonstrated financial need

Alvin T. Greenspan Scholars

  • Undergraduate Engineering students
  • Academic merit-level students

The Timothy Reese Engineering and Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund

  • Eligible to students enrolled at the College of Engineering
  • Preference given to African American students (verified on admissions documentation) 

The Robert H. Creamer Scholarship Fund 

  • Rising Mechanical Engineering Senior
  • Demonstrated merit

The Keya and Ramineh Sadeghipour Scholarship Fund 

  • Eligible rising senior students
  • Demonstrated academic merit

The Raymond Fidler Scholarship Fund

  • Engineering undergraduate student

Onesky Engineering, Inc. Scholarship

  • Awarded to 1 junior or senior Civil or Environmental Engineering major
  • Based on financial need and academic excellence
  • Strong preference given to students with an interest in alternative energy and energy efficiency

Younger Days Award Fund

  • Demonstrated merit
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Success in over coming socioeconomic obstacles (documented)

For any questions about scholarships relating to admissions, contact the admissions office at 215-204-7800.