Outside IDEAS Hub
Photo: Ryan S. Brandenberg, Temple University

As part of the university's return to campus planning, the College of Engineering has reformatted some of the primary spaces in the building with the health and safety of everyone in mind. Here are some changes you can expect to see to spaces like Room 102, sometimes known as the Fishbowl, the IDEAS Hub and the Center for Academic Advising and Student Affairs.

Room 102

When Room 102 was renovated, it was done so with a focus on flexibility. Typically housing dozens of desktop computers outfitted with engineering software, the modular space will transform into a classroom space for the fall semester.

Laptop stations will remain for laptop check-out on the first and second floors, as well as other spaces on campus. As a reminder, undergraduate students must have a laptop in time for their Junior year at Temple. Learn more about the laptop requirement>


The second floor IDEAS Hub, opened in February after a substantial renovation, recently served as home to the Temple University COVID Assistance Team. The space became a modified manufacturing facility to help provide more than 16,200 face shields for Temple University Hospital and community groups, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"When students return in the fall, the IDEAS Hub will be reserved for students in Introduction to Engineering & Engineering Technology as well as Senior Design," said David Brookstein, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs. "Students in these two courses will be able to come in on a rigid schedule to maintain physical distancing to physically construct items for the 'project' portion of their studies."

Reservations for both of those populations will be managed through course instructors, as well as the Dean's office.

Student Advising and Career Services

Shortly after the move to remote instruction last semester, the Center for Advising and Student Affairs also moved to remote operations. That policy will remain in place for the fall semester. Undergraduate students are encouraged to review the Engineering TU Portal tab for more information on how to schedule appointments.  Dr. Brookstein noted that, through the use of remote technologies the Center has been extremely effective in advising students when the University moved to remote instruction in mid-March.

Graduate students are encouraged to communicate with their academic advisor or graduate coordinator with any questions regarding suggested courses and course offerings in Fall 2020. Felix Flores, Coordinator of Graduate Student Services, is also available to assist with course registration as well as other questions or concerns.

Shared responsibilities for public health

public health pillars

Students will also see signage encouraging observance of Temple's four public health pillars, which will be critical to ensuring health and safety. These campaign elements -- physical distancing, hand hygiene, face coverings and health monitoring -- are meant as a reminder that we are all in this together, so we can be together. 

For more information on Temple's efforts, visit temple.edu/return.