The College is continuously investing in resources in order to provide the best education and advancements through research. Our more than 20 labs, institutes and centers and more than a dozen teaching labs are home to state-of-the-art equipment and tools.

students working in the IDEAS Hub

Temple Engineering recently debuted the Innovation, Design, Engineering and Applied Science (IDEAS) Hub, a 7,000 square-foot renovation that is part of a collaborative ecosystem in the College. The IDEAS Hub will empower students to use engineering for good. From 3D printing, motion capture and drone stations to robotics, soldering an circuitry, our students and faculty have the tools to do more than learn engineering, they can now make their ideas for changing the world a reality.

Other dedicated teaching, student and user accessible labs have equipment ranging from flourescent microscopes, materials testing equipment, asphalt ovens, concrete mixing, digital simulators and microwave detectors to machining equipment for building or studying impact. The college also has top of the line facilities that can be accessed by students and faculty in and out of the College. The nanoinstrumentation center and system design chip laboratory are just a few of the dedicated spaces available for engineers to do their work.

Research facilities