Engineering Transformation: MEP Tour

Go behind the scenes with Rob Knese, P.E. (ENG, 90) and Chin Yu along with mechanical engineering student Christian Sloat of Temple ASME, for a look at some of the mechanical and electrical needs, as well as the unistrut grid system being installed.  


Temple Engineering is undergoing big changes. At 12th and Norris, we have been evolving for quite some time. As a college, we have grown to more than 2,100 students and are always undergoing changes to modernize our curriculum. Our facilities also continue to evolve in order to deliver modern, efficient and collaborative spaces designed specifically for engineers.  

The first of two phases of renovations began in the summer of 2018 and was completed in time for the start of the Fall semester. It converted the first floor space from an all-purpose empty space to a flexible design computer lab with expanded technology and modular furniture.

As we enter this new semester, our building also continues its own transformation in the second phase of renovations: the second-floor Science and Engineering Library (SEL).  The upgrades will include new technology and equipment, virtual reality stations, tool checkout, a microfabrication glove box, benchtop 3D printing and light prototyping space, aerial robotics flight zones, sinks, grounded electronics stations, new A/V equipment and PCB cutters. 

These spaces will also offer modular furniture to convert into collaborative meeting space, as well as storage space for ongoing student work like Senior Design projects.

In addition, a teaching lab space in room 502 has also undergone a significant renovation. Upgrades include added seating capacity alongside smart teaching technology, chemical-resistant flooring and work tops and more. 

Students in study space