The College of Engineering physical space continues to evolve along with the concepts taught in our building, with multi-million dollar investments to modernize and evolve our spaces with a thoughtful correspondence to how this could impact our teaching and student experiences. Updates have included the addition of modular computer lab space on our first floor and an overhaul to a large lab on our 5th floor, with bringing in smart teaching technology, chemical-resistant flooring and worktops and more.

The newly opened second-floor IDEAS Hub (Innovation, Design, Engineering and Applied Science) is fast becoming a center of all activity for the college. The 8,000-square-foot renovation is part of a collaborative ecosystem that includes 3-D printing, motion capture and drone stations alongside robotics, soldering and circuitry. Using the IDEAS Hub, our students and faculty will not only have the tools to learn about the world around them, they can change it, too.