students walking

To new and returning students, welcome to the new semester at the College of Engineering!

Our summer has been a busy one. In addition to hiring several outstanding faculty, leadership has continued developing curriculum, facilities and programs to prepare you for a world that regularly demands more and better-trained engineers.

Like most of Temple University, our physical spaces have also continued to evolve. The college is undergoing renovations to deliver modern, efficient and collaborative spaces designed specifically for engineers. We also have a new undergraduate major, Industrial & Systems Engineering, combining engineering, business and design skills, so graduates can lead integrated systems solutions across multiple industries.

For all the program and physical upgrades, it is our students who we are most proud of—and you have been busy, too. You have taken on internships at employers like Tesla, John Deere and Nave Newell. You have pursued critical research, excelled at competitions and even built an irrigation system in Peru.

To our new students, it is perhaps most exciting to think that you are just getting started. And for our returning students, I encourage you to keep up the good work. Be sure to get involved in your student professional organizations, engage with the advising center and have a great semester!

All the best,

Keya Sadeghipour
Dean of the College of Engineering