Welcome alumni!

We welcome you to engage with the College of Engineering. Over the last fifty years, the College has seen steady growth in student body, research and programs that has helped to raise the profile of the Temple Engineering community and all associated with it. 

Looking forward, the College of Engineering hopes to work with you to build on our forward thinking work. Through the support of all of our communities, we can project the College to new heights in academic excellence for the next fifty years . The Office of Development and Alumni Relations is here to promote the College as a leader in engineering academics and create lifelong relationships with our alumni. We aim to provide opportunities for alumni to engage and give back to the next generation of our faculty and students. 

Meaningful engagement gives our community  awareness and pride in the student and academic work being performed in Temple Engineering,  opportunities for volunteer participation and ways to provide philanthropic opportunities. The department aims to:

  • Develop programs that sustain fellowship among alumni and the university
  • Serve the University, fellow alumni, students and the community at large
  • Spread an awareness of ongoing programs and activities at Temple
  • Celebrate our diverse alumni population 

Be sure to follow the College of Engineering on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to reconnect with fellow alumni, network and make connections. You can also join the student newsletter email list to stay on top of happenings on campus and our student and faculty stories.

Meet the Board

The College is grateful to our active board, and all alumni volunteers, for their time and dedication

  • Past President: Bill Dawson 
  • President: Melissa Dawson 
  • Vice President: Milton Gomez 
  • Secretary: Kevin Walsh 
  • Treasurer: Faye Majekodunmi