engineering upgrades

The College of Engineering is engaging in the first of two phases of renovations to deliver modern, efficient and collaborative spaces designed specifically for engineers. 

To best accommodate the needs of a growing student body, a group of student leadership, staff, faculty and architects collaborated to design upgrades to the Science & Engineering Library (SEL) and room 102—the first floor “Fishbowl” space—to be more efficient and flexible while adding expanded technologies. 

The expansion is expected to happen in two phases, with room 102 slated for completion prior to the closure of the second floor SEL, so both can be remodeled and retrofitted with new technologies. 

The upgrades will include new technology and equipment, virtual reality stations, tool checkout, a microfabrication glove box, benchtop 3D printing and light prototyping space, aerial robotics flight zones, sinks, grounded electronics stations, new A/V equipment and PCB cutters. 

Select spaces will also offer modular furniture to convert into collaborative meeting space, as well as storage space for ongoing student work like Senior Design projects.

View a video tour below with renderings of what students can expect when the renovations are complete. Room 102 will be open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.