Experiential learning through real-world experience.

Experience is where your education becomes real. Working in a professional environment provides invaluable hands-on exposure to engineering and the possible career paths. 

The network of professionals working in the industry you'll be exposed to will be invaluable as you move forward in your career. Your experience with applied work will give you an an edge when seeking employment after graduation. The college holds two career fairs every year with more than 70 employers looking to hire both interns and permanent placements.


More than half of Temple Engineering students take advantage of at least one internship. Opportunities are found through the strong network of alumni, corporate, faculty connections, and student organizations and through the college's robust career fairs and the extensive resources available in Temple's Career Center. A recent National Association of College and Employers (NACE) survey shows that 73% of employers offer employment to interns, and the College of Engineering trends show a similar pattern.


Like an internship, the co-op program gives you a chance to try out the engineering fields and work side-by-side with professionals for a longer period of time. You will alternate academic semesters and a six month or more work assignment. Co-op jobs are full-time positions with a competitive wage found through many of the same channels as an internship, but with a longer commitment you make a deeper connection and a more extensive experience.

This optional program allows you the flexibility to decide on the structure of your work and study. You can choose to do either one or two co-ops and whether you want to work in the fall or spring semester.  Participants will be in their junior years with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and at least 30 accumulated credit hours. Transfer students must complete at least 1 semester at Temple University prior to participating.

Ambitious students find their co-op and internship positions to be a great way to take initiative. You'll  benefit from a jump start to your career and the shaping of your future in engineering.


Explore the creation of knowledge by getting involved in the research being done by faculty at the College. Learn more about student research.

Professional Development

An engineering degree will provide you with exciting opportunities and in-demand skills. The directions you can go with an engineering career is vast. 

Dedicated College of Engineering career counsellors are available to help make connections with corporate opportunities, provides mentorship through discussions about your goals and how to achieve them. Career events both at the College and at the University provide programs and workshops on topics ranging from interviewing tips to job search tactics that will help get you career ready . At the College of Engineering you will have the advantage of the personal guidance and at the University-level you'll have all of the resources of the Temple Career Center available to you.

Career Services