Engineers with an undergraduate degree aiming to freshen their expertise or gain a new skill may obtain a graduate certificate in one of three  subjects.  For those who want to sample a course or two  before committing to enrollment in a program, this is also a good option.  

Computer & Systems Security Certificate

Learn the fundamental technologies needed to secure technology in the cyber-physical security paradigm. Learn more about the Computer & Systems Security Certificate>

Engineering Management Certificate

Gain a comprehensive foundation in business management principles through this program tailored to the technology professional. Prepare for leadership roles in the industry or lay a foundation for further study in the Engineering Management MS. Courses can be taken on campus or online. Learn more about the Engineering Management Certificate>

Stormwater Management Certificate

Develop skills to address the growing environmental issues associated with stormwater management. You’ll study the effects of urban runoff on stream channels and learn best practices to prevent the degradation of ecosystems. Learn more about the Stormwater Certificate>