Exposure to research opens doors

As an engineer you'll either pursue a career in industry or go down the path of research. Experience and hands-on learning are a big part of being an engineer.

Undergraduate Research

Students have a great deal of interaction with faculty and graduate students because of the small class sizes and time spent in labs for coursework. Often research internships are born out of these relationships. Many students are able to gain the invaluable experience not often available at the undergraduate level. The College organizes departmental research internship opportunities every summer that culminates in a Poster competition each fall. 

The College also has many connections with organizations and research projects happening at Temple Katz School of Medicine, the College of Dentistry and even organizations like NASA, the National Science Foundation or the Department of Defense.

There is also a Summer Educational Enhancement Opportunity available to a select group of Honors students, awarded at the time of enrollment. Guidelines can be found with the Office of the Provost.

Exposure to research provides an expanded point of view, insights into the scientific process and will help you decide if you want to pursue an advanced degree or a career in research.

Graduate Research

Research is critical in graduate-level education. It is through research activities that graduate students can apply what they have learned in their undergraduate and graduate level coursework to solve real world problems. Graduate students have opportunities to participate in research activities using the college's cutting-edge research facilities. Additionally, graduate students may conduct interdisciplinary research with departments within other colleges and schools at Temple University, such as the College of Science and Technology and the School of Medicine.

PhD Research

Research is interwoven into the doctoral programs. Students work alongside faculty to execute the research and often publish as co-authors on the work. The intimate environment at Temple Engineering gives ensures that you get exposure to all aspects of the process and are able to pursue your own research interests. 

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