Engineering student success starts here.

Studying to become an engineer isn’t easy. Our students are among the brightest at the university — coming from the top of their high school classes with some of the highest average SAT scores of students entering Temple.

The College is small enough that people truly get to know one another. Faculty are accessible to students and administration are often very familiar with our students, and yet the College is within a large research driven university, offering many opportunities and resources.

We know it is difficult, but the College makes it fun too. The College host events including an ice cream social, student and faculty holiday lunch and senior barbeque. We organize an active National Engineer’s Week program and encourage our students to explore the all of the clubs and events on campus and within the College. 

At Temple Engineering you can take a semester studying at Temple Rome, learn from our weekly academic department notable visiting speakers, and participate with our vibrant student organizations who put together year long career focused events and social gatherings. AdvisingSenior Design and internships and experiential learning at corporations or within our labs are just some of the support services and hallmark highlights for Temple engineering students. Our engineering students participate and compete well in University, College and national competitions.

Combined, the insights gained from these experiences make the college experience robust and life changing.  The engineering community within Temple University weaves together a well-rounded education that will open doors for you throughout your entire career. There is no better value for an engineering degree than Temple University.