students in front of train

Growing up in New York City, Justin Chan's fascination with the city skyline made him consider architecture and design as a career path--until he found civil engineering. Now, he is completing his second internship as a Temple Engineering student, working for Amtrak at Philadelphia's 30th Street Station. This follows his previous experience as an intern engineer in the transportation department for the infrastructure design firm HNTB. 

"For both internships, I learned the importance of collaboration," Justin said. "There are so many large projects with people from many disciplines working together. Being able to work together is vital for the success of a project."

With Amtrak, Justin has done sites visits, going from movable bridges to station renovations. Justin also contributed to a project to test new equipment that could provide additional railroad worker protection. 

"For four days near Harrisburg, I got to collect data on the equipment to see if it can be safely incorporated into existing railroad worker protection systems," he said. "If incorporated, it would be pretty cool to know that I was a part of a process that will help keep railroad workers safe."