USAID Center of Excellence on Water Resiliency

Faculty: Dr. Rominder Suri
Sponsor: USAID


Faculty: Dr. Rominder Suri
Sponsor: National Science Foundation + Industry

The WET Center strives to create knowledge and technology products that will be utilized by industry and benefit the public. The Center’s core work deals with water reuse, drinking water and wastewater treatment, water for use in industrial manufacturing, source water protection, stormwater management, environmental studies, risk assessments, sustainability, analytical methods development, and real-time sensors for water quality monitoring and process control. Research investigates issues related to emerging contaminants and their effects on the water ecosystem.

The Center is a NSF Industry University Cooperative Research Center that aims to address challenges that are directly relevant to industry. This leads to results that can be utilized in the measurement, control, and mitigation of ECs that are of concern for both industry and the environment.