Elham Sahraei is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She is the director of Electric Vehicle Safety Lab (EVSL). Her research is focused on mechanical safety of lithium-ion batteries under extreme loading conditions. Her current research is sponsored by automotive industry, FE software companies, state programs and Office of Naval Research. Prior to Temple, Dr. Sahraei was a Research Scientist at the Impact and Crashworthiness Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the co-director of the MIT Battery Consortium, a multi-sponsor industrial program supported by major automotive and battery manufacturers. such as Mercedes Benz R&D North America, PSA Group, Jaguar Land-Rover, AVL, MuRata, LG Chem, and Boston Power. She has also been a co-investigator of multiple Ford-MIT Alliance projects, and a DOE project with National Renewable Energy Lab on safety of Li-Ion batteries. She earned her PhD degree from the George Washington University, her Masters from Sharif University of Technology, and her BSc from Isfahan University of Technology, and completed two years of post-doctoral training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she became a Research Scientist afterwards. Besides characterization and modeling of Li-Ion batteries, her expertise includes full-scale vehicle crash analysis, occupant protection, and analysis of roadside safety structures.

Research Interests

  • Lithium-ion Batteries
    Structural Mechanics
    Occupant Protection
    Finite Element Modeling

Courses Taught




MEE 3301

Machine Theory and Design


MEE 4314

Impact and Crashworthiness


MEE 5117

Finite Element Analysis


MEE 5314

Impact and Crashworthiness


ENGR 2333

Mechanics of Solids


Selected Publications

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