Temple engineering sophomore Mechanical and Civil Engineering students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad studying engineering in Rome, Italy without missing a beat in their engineering coursework. Mechanical Engineering major Athena Chan is sharing her Rome journey this semester, sharing one second video snapshots from everyday—everything from her morning macchiato to Mechanics of Solids class.

"I'm currently taking Engineering Dynamics, Statistical and Classical Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Solids and Italian I," Athena said. "It's really on the students to keep up with the classes."

How does a typical day in the Eternal City differ from studying in the City of Brotherly Love?

"I usually eat a quick breakfast at home, or go for "un cornetto e cappuccino" (croissant & cappuccino), which is a very standard Italian breakfast. It's a 1.5 mile walk to school, which usually takes 30 minutes at a fair pace. The rest of my day is at school, followed by any errands," she said. "My weekends are usually spent exploring the city and traveling throughout the country. Travel to various Italian cities is pretty easy and usually just a train ride or short flight away."

See the video for how Athena's first month has gone, and check back for more on her journey every month!

Freshmen interested in exploring Temple Rome for their sophomore years can talk to your advisor and visit https://studyabroad.temple.edu/rome.