student in Rome
Clare Korbisch

Rich smells of pizza and pasta dough waft through Rome's cobblestone streets. Among these international delights and the low hum of motorbikes sits Clare Korbisch. 

Originally from Collegeville, the junior industrial & systems engineering student spent a semester at Temple's Rome campus, seeing it as an opportunity to expand her worldview culturally and academically, landing a new perspective in her engineering career. 

Though she had never traveled abroad, studying abroad was always in her plans. Temple's expansive abroad program had Clare starry-eyed and eager.

"I actually originally chose Temple because I knew it had such amazing study abroad programs due to there being a Temple campus in Rome and Japan," Claire said.

So, why Rome? 

The program is geared towards mechanical and civil engineering majors, specifically second-semester sophomores. Because both majors share the same core curriculum during the first two years, students can take the same classes in Rome as they would on main campus, including three towards their engineering degrees. 

In addition to building her cultural and culinary experience, Clare is also building her resume every week, with an eye on a career as an engineering consultant. The immersive opportunities in Rome also gave Clare tangible insight into the engineering behind famous Roman projects like the Roman Aqueducts and Trevi Fountain. 

Clare was also part of the initial cohort of students returning to Rome following COVID-related travel restrictions--a lesson in adaptation that has value anywhere in the world. 

"Companies are always looking for someone with real-life experience and want to see if you are able to adapt to difficult situations. Studying abroad is not just a vacation," Clare said.  "I am certainly working hard at adjusting to this completely new environment." 

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