student in lab

Following team presentations recently, faculty advisors and coordinators have named the following top teams from this semester's Senior Design cohort. These teams will be given a place of honor during the December 4th poster session, and will be judged by alumni and industry professionals for cash prizes. Congratulations to the following teams!

  • Team A02 Boneview (Advisor: Dr. Spence, Coordinator Dr. Har-el)
  • Team C01 Auto Mechanic Extruder for Liposome Preparation (Advisor: Tong Wu of Dr. Dai's group; Coordinator Dr. Har-el)
  • Team D01 You Had Me at Cello (Advisor: Dr. Obeid; Coordinator: Dr. Thomson)
  • Team D03 Lithium Ion Battery Performance Under Pressure (Advisor: Dr Sahraei: Coordinators: Dr. Heravi and Dr. Riggio)

To learn more about the upcoming poster session & each of this semester's teams, visit this page>