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Looking for something different to stand out from the crowd, or want to jump to a new program? Grab coffee, fire up your laptop and take a look at some options.

Engineering the 21st Century

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering program is not about one single thing -- it's about a future for engineers that demands a broad base of engineering concepts. 

Maybe you are interested in robotics like aquanaut unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV)? Or you are interested in smart electrical power grids or alternative energy systems? Students in this program touch on a number of fields through either computer and software engineering, electro-optical engineering, energy and power engineering or electromechanical engineering that combine disciplines for a unique perspective desirable in many emerging industries.

"BSE students have the chance to be exposed to a variety of specific opportunities across engineering disciplines" added Prof. Dennis Silage, director of the program. "Program graduates can enter fields from robotics design and automation to signal processing and power generation, just to name a few."

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Business + engineering = a powerful future

Temple Engineering students are industrious by nature, offer building businesses alongside coursework. This new major, Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering, empowers students to channel that inventive spirit in new ways by combining business and engineering. If you want to help build the next pioneering company, this may be the path for you.

Alumnus and CEO of Plug Power Andy Marsh (ENG, 80) should know. He oversees a company that provides systems engineering for fuel cell solutions for companies like Walmart, Kroger, BMW and Procter and Gamble.

"You better be a generalist, and a really good listener," Marsh said during a visit last year. "Ideas I was proposing from a systems solution standpoint, does it match with the company's capabilities? And can the company make money on it?" he said.

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Master your future, faster

Students can also look into the +1 program as a way to minimize not only time but the costs of a higher-level degree. Those interested in obtaining their Master's are may start taking graduate classes towards the end of their senior semester and finish with just one more year.

+1 offers a choice of several MS programs including Bio, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, and Mechanical Engineering, among others. With a well ranked 3.00 GPA by the end of their 5th semester, completion of outlined coursework, accepted application, and recommendation letter from a faculty member, students are deemed to be highly considerable for the program.

Is it ambitious? Yes. But you are already a student at Temple Engineering, home to some of the top performing students on campus.

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