As the Dean of the College of Engineering for over 20 years, Keya Sadeghipour has seen the College through many iterations. 

Dean Keya's journey in engineering began at 17 years old when he left his home country of Iran to pursue an education in England. He first joined the College of Engineering at Temple in 1987, where he was eventually appointed as Dean in 2003. In his time at Temple, Dean Keya has served in many roles, even as interim Dean of the College of Science and Technology. 

In addition to his 36 years at Temple University, Dean Keya has a plethora of international experience, ranging from Iran, to England, to both coasts of the United States. His international experience is a driving force behind the promotion of the College of Engineering. 

In his time as Dean, he has prioritized international promotion, diversity, and research as pillars of the College of Engineering. 

Being at Temple since 1987, Dean Keya has seen both the College and the engineering industry through decades of innovation and change. Being the father to two daughters, he recognizes the importance of sharing his insights with the next generation of engineers, such as his students in the College of Engineering. 

"Each of us has a special story to tell. I am reminded of my own journey; coming to this beautiful country as a first-generation immigrant, on my way to becoming an engineer and educator. My own journey has taught me a great lesson, a lesson I share with my own kids. NEVER stop learning and sharing your own knowledge, which is why I want you to join me in discussing life and engineering and all things in between." 

Join Dean Keya for coffee and life lessons, experience, and wisdom throughout the semester.