Leslie in her office
Career Counselor Leslie Silva

Starting a job or internship search can feel really daunting if you don't have a strategy. I can't tell you how many times students have told me, "Leslie I have applied for dozens of jobs online and haven't heard anything." Your chance of success is a lot higher if you go into this prepared and with a game plan. In other words: trust the process. Here's some tips how you can:

Have your resume reviewed One of the most common mistakes students make is coming to see me or Mike after they have submitted a poor resume to dozens of companies. Schedule an appointment on Handshake to have your resume reviewed by me, Mike Madera or a Career Center coach before you submit applications. Keep in mind you may have to make some minor tweaks to your resume when applying based on each job description. 

Where to search for a job When searching online utilize Handshake first, then other search engines like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster etc. If you see a job listed on Handshake and other websites, apply on Handshake because you automatically go into a Temple University folder and recruiters are more likely to see your application than if you apply through sites like Indeed.

It's about what you know but also who you know According to Julia Freeland Fisher, the director of education research at the Clayton Christensen Institute, about 80 percent of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections (AKA networking!). When you want a recommendation for a restaurant you ask your friends right? Why would companies operate any differently? 

But what is networking? A lot of students think networking is always a super formal thing that happens at designated networking events, and sometimes it is. But your network is really just who you know- friends, family, coworkers, classmates, student organizations, professors, industry professionals,and recruiters at career fairs are all a part of your network. A student recently told me they landed an internship after striking up a conversation with a parent they didn't know at their little sister's basketball game. Always be ready to have a conversation about yourself, your skills and your goals. 

But do you really need to submit a cover letter? Yes you do. What if it's optional? Submit one. If there is a place for an additional document and they didn't ask for a cover letter? Submit one. Your resume is a one page snapshot of who you are filled with bullet points and dates. Your cover letter is a chance for you to tell a story and explain in narrative form why you are the best candidate for the position. You can find sample cover letters and resumes in Tuportal in the Career Services section under Advising. 

Feeling ghosted? Follow Up:If you haven't heard back from a company regarding an application you should be following up! Check out last semester's Professional Development workshop on How to Follow Up with Employers on Youtube

When you have a final exam the best way to ensure success is to study for it so you're prepared. Likewise when starting a job search the best way to be successful is to plan and prepare for it!