faculty and student in lab
Dr. Suri in a WET Center lab.

Dr. Rominder Suri, Professor & Chair of the Temple Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Director of the NSF Water and Environmental (WET) Center, has secured a $4.25 million grant to support water research and educational activities.

The effort is part of a $30 million award over five years from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), to a consortium of five American universities. Temple, partnering with American University in Cairo, has finalized plans for the creation of the Center of Excellence on Water Resiliency. The collaboration will maximize international education and research activities between partner universities on water resources, technology and commercialization.

"As the global need for sufficient supply of clean water rises, universities must continue working toward advancing curriculum and research programs to drive innovations into the market place," Dr. Suri said. "It is exciting to be part of this consortium and work with colleagues in academia, industry and government agencies to help build capacity in water resiliency."

Dr. Suri and his research team will provide technical support in five core areas of research, curriculum development, faculty-student exchange, sustainability and governance. This will include developing research programs, training and educational programs, such as hands-on workshops, short courses and webinars, as well as hosting faculty, students and researchers from Egyptian universities.

The research plan will seek to improve long-term water research capacity and undertake leading-edge applied research of interest to industry.

For more on Dr. Suri's research interests, visit https://engineering.temple.edu/about/faculty-staff/rominder-suri-rsuri. For more on the WET Center, visit https://www.nsfwetcenter.org.