More than 50 employers—from SEPTA and Urban Engineers to American Water, Lutron and Lockheed Martin—came to campus for the spring Career Fair recently. For junior CE major Jamai Barros, the day couldn't come soon enough. 
Jamai arrived with a two-inch thick binder full of background information gathered on companies he was interested in for his summer internship in construction or structural engineering. 
"I talked to Mike Madera in the Advising Office to review my resume, which was great," Barros said. "I switched from CE to Construction Management and this is my first Career Fair since." 
Barros added a few extra perks he gave employers, like his ability to relocate. As a native of Central Pennsylvania, he remained open to jobs in a few different locations. 
"Trying to keep options open," he said. 
After going through a few Career Fairs with two different majors, he added that students looking at their first should do their homework on potential employers, and just be relaxed. 
"Learn about the companies, what kinds of projects they're working on. They'll appreciate that you took the time," he said. 
Senior ME major Makhail Parchment had a series of good interactions, even with firms that were mostly looking for CE majors. 
"Some said they could have openings for MEs and urged me to apply right away when they do since you might have a few hundred students looking at the same position," he said. 
Even then, he added that the discussions offered the invaluable opportunity of practicing your pitch and handling yourself with interactions with potential employers, offer or not. 
How did your Career Fair experience go? Land an offer? Connect with an Owl alumni? Let us know!