Newly-approved BS program—the only one of its kind in the Philadelphia-region—blends engineering and business.

Temple University College of Engineering is launching a versatile, interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science program in Industrial and Systems Engineering. This new program will help Temple engineers lead integrated systems solutions across multiple industries. 

"There will continue to be a growing need for engineers who can effectively combine engineering, business and design skills to make significant contributions to the economy. We are excited that Temple Engineering will help meet that need," said Keya Sadeghipour, Dean of the College of Engineering.  

"The term 'industrial and systems engineer' has traditionally been associated with manufacturing, but it's much more than that," added Dr. David Brookstein, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies. 

While listing several prominent industrial and systems engineers, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Dr. Brookstein added that "this type of work encompasses nearly every industry and sector. When the Amazons and the Comcasts of the world are looking for new employees, this program encompasses the key skills they seek." 

The 128-credit hour undergraduate degree will build on coursework in engineering, math and sciences blended with business over eight semesters. Students will learn the necessary analytical, computational and experimental practices for system integration in nine new courses covering operations management and research, production planning and control, quality assurance, simulation, logistics and supply chain management. 

The program was approved by the Temple University Board of Trustees on March 13 and will begin accepting applications on March 24. 

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