Amid the shiny new cars and chatty salespeople at the Pennsylvania Convention Center for the 2017 Philadelphia Auto Show, Temple Formula Racing has a spot on the busy floor to display their 2016 car and meet with car enthusiasts. Mechanical Engineering senior Tyler Ables, who worked on the engine and was one of the team's drivers, fielded questions from spectators during the Tuesday afternoon session.


After the displayed car's successful finish at the Society of Automotive Engineers event in Nebraska last June, the team is already hard at work on this year's model. One of the changes for 2017 is more thorough planning to fix engine trouble. "As soon as one thing goes wrong, it all goes wrong," Ables said of previous set-ups. "we want to make it easier to diagnose." The team will be at the Auto Show through Sunday to display their car and find potential sponsors. Temple is the only of three local schools (along with Penn and Villanova) to have students with their cars at the Convention Center.

-Marco Cerino