The 1982 graduate is President and CEO of Plug Power, a Latham, New York-based fuel cell manufacturer.


The Temple University Gallery of Success recognizes outstanding alumni who "exemplify the university's long-standing tradition of self-made success, bringing honor to the university by distinguishing themselves in the board room, on the stage, in the hospital, and out in the world."


At the 2017 Gallery of Success reception on October 12, Andrew Marsh (BS, 82), will be among the Temple alumni who will be spotlighted for doing just that.

Since earning his BS from the College of Engineering in 1982, Marsh went on to receive post graduate degrees from Duke University (1987) and Southern Methodist University (1998). He later found success in the business community, first with Lucent Bell Laboratories for nearly 20 years before starting Valare Power, employing more than 200 and generating $90 million in revenue.

Today, he serves as President and CEO of Plug Power, a Latham, New York-based fuel cell manufacturer. In addition, Marsh sits on the Board of Directors for the California Hydrogen Business Council, a nonprofit group comprised of organizations and individuals involved in the business of hydrogen.

"I was quite honored, and felt very lucky," Marsh said when he learned of the recognition.

"My time at Temple was critical to my career long-term, being in such a diverse environment, working with people from all different backgrounds and experiences. It's one of the reasons, quite honestly, that I've supported Temple over the years. Because that experience gave me a really holistic view of life that I leveraged in other areas."

Stay tuned for our interview with Andrew Marsh following the ceremony next week.