Dr. Ruth Ochia in center

In March, Professor of Instruction in Bioengineering, Dr. Ruth Ochia, was inducted to the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) College of Fellows. 

AIMBE's College of Fellows represents the top two percent of individuals in the medical and bioengineering community and is considered one of the highest professional distinctions.  

AIMBE's mission is to advocate for the medical and bioengineering field as a benefit to the public, including public policy, education, research, etc. It is crucial that all types of bioengineering professionals work together to achieve this mission. These professionals include researchers, members of industry, medical professionals and educators. 

She was elected "for outstanding contributions to engineering education through course and curricular innovations and service to bioengineering via accreditation and leadership roles," per a press release from AIMBE. 

Ochia's current research, since starting at the College of Engineering over a decade ago, focuses on engineering education. 

As cited by AIMBE, she has held many leadership roles within professional organizations. Currently, Ochia serves on the Board of Directors as an Academic Director for BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society). 

She also participates in accreditation through ABET (formerly known as the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.). ABET accreditation ensures that collegiate STEM programs have met set standards to properly prepare their students for the workforce.  

She serves as a Bioengineering Program Evaluator for ABET and was recently promoted to Commissioner for the Engineering Accreditation Commission within the ABET organization, reviewing other schools' engineering programs for compliance with ABET guidelines.  

Monitoring the educational quality of accredited programs ensures that students are receiving the best preparation possible for a successful career, thus raising the profile of the bioengineering field. 

In addition, Ochia is working with Temple College of Education and Human Development Professor Dr. Avi Kaplan on a grant from NSF (National Science Foundation) for the enhancement of transfer of design thinking in undergraduate bioengineering students. 

The culmination of this professional experience has shown Ochia's dedication to enhancing the field of engineering education, earning her a nomination and eventual induction to AIMBE's College of Fellows. 

While the pool is expanding, she is one of the few educators in the College of Fellows, which is mostly made up of industry and research-focused professionals. 

AIMBE provides space for open communication and opportunities for professionals to improve the bioengineering field.  Ochia is looking forward to collaborating with these professionals and her involvement with AIMBE. She is excited to use her new status as a Fellow to further promote the importance of engineering education both within the industry and to the public.