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Temple College of Engineering welcomed seven additions to its faculty this semester.

Dr. Cory Budischak joins the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering after serving as Instructor and Department Chair of the Energy Management Department at Delaware Technical and Community College. Dr. Budischak earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

His main research focuses on the question: What would our energy system look like if we make the shift towards 100 percent renewable energy and how much would the system cost? His research has appeared in Discovery News, The Huffington Post, Scientific American, and Rolling Stone Magazine.

Dr. Julie Drzymalski, PEM, joins the Department of Engineering, Technology, and Management as Professor of Instruction and as the inaugural director of the recently-created Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering program. Dr. Drzymalski joins the department from Drexel University, where she served as Clinical Professor and Program Director, Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. Dr. Drzymalski earned her PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Lehigh University.

Dr. Dimitri Karagiannis joins the Department of Mechanical Engineering as an Assistant Professor of Instruction. Previously, Dr. Karagiannis was a teaching assistant with Villanova University, which is also where he earned his PhD in Engineering.

His research interests include control of continuous (distributed parameter, infinite dimensional) systems, robust control, vibration and vibration control, dynamics and modeling of nonlinear systems, control and modeling of biological and social systems.

Dr. Ling Liu joins the Department of Mechanical Engineering as an Associate Professor. Dr. Liu earned his PhD in Mechanics and Materials from Columbia University. Dr. Liu's research focuses on the multiscale computation for fundamental understanding and accelerated design of energy storage, healthcare, nuclear, and composite materials with extraordinary mechanical, thermal, and electrochemical properties.

Dr. Mehdi Khanzadeh Moradllo joins the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Khanzadeh earned his PhD in Infrastructure Materials and Structural Engineering from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Khanzadeh's research focuses on the durability and sustainability of concrete infrastructure, analytical imaging and microscopy techniques, novel sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure materials, innovative construction techniques, internal curing of concrete, and novel concrete surface treatments.  

Dr. Erkan Tuzel joins the Department of Bioengineering from the Department of Physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Tuzel earned his PhD in Physics from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Tuzel's research interests include cooperative cargo transport and force generation by kinesin, dynein and myosin motor families, cytoskeletal mechanics, polarized cell growth, organelle transport, fluorescence fluctuation analyses, FRAP, FCS, single-particle tracking, image processing, computational modeling, Brownian dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations, fluid mechanics, low Reynolds number swimmers, flagellar and ciliary motility, as well as microfluidic cell sorting and capture, bio-sending, lab-on-a-chip devices and sperm selection.

Dr. Heyang (Harry) Yuan joins the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Yuan earned his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Virginia Tech, and joins Temple from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he served as a postdoctoral research associate.

Dr. Yuan's research interests include biological wastewater treatment, desalination, resource recovery, antibiotic resistant bacteria and resistance genes, pathogens, bioelectrochemical systems, biofuel and bioenergy production, microbial ecology, molecular biology, "omics" methods, catalytic materials and material-microbe interactions.