About the College of Engineering

Welcome to Temple University College of Engineering a research institution on the cutting-edge of science and technology.

About the College of Engineering

Temple University College of Engineering is an affordable and rewarding experience offering much more than just your basic academics. As a research institution the college of engineering offers a cutting edge curriculum that is accredited by the national accreditation board, ABET. Since 1968, the College of Engineering has been providing students with a first-rate engineering education. Facilities such as wireless classrooms, an engineering library, and numerous research laboratories and centers can be found within the engineering building. The College of Engineering also hosts conferences and workshops covering the most recent and advanced topics in engineering.

Graduate-level instruction and research are guided by a talented faculty. College of Engineering graduate faculty members are on the cutting-edge of research, publishing in numerous peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings and receiving grants from prestigious funding sources such as the U.S. Army, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and various private funding sources. Faculty members are engaged in areas of research including, but not limited to, water resources engineering, network securities, artificial intelligence, targeted drug delivery, biomaterials, and remediation of oil spills at sea.

The College of Engineering is located at Temple University’s main campus, in the thriving city of Philadelphia – a city at the forefront of science and technology. Philadelphia is also the second largest city on the east coast and home to historic events, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, music and sporting venues, restaurants, theaters, and clubs.

To speak to someone about the undergraduate and graduate opportunities at the College of Engineering, or to arrange a visit, please email the college, or call (215) 204-7800.

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