Shriram Pillapakkam
Shriram Pillapakkam
Associate Professor of Instruction
Department: Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Pillapakkam has made fundamental contributions in the fields of mathematical fluid mechanics, computational methods, rheology and multiphase flows.


  • Ph.D, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • B.S, Manipal Institute of Technology

Academic Appointments 

  • Research Associate, University of Virginia

Recent Publications 

  • S. B. Pillapakkam, P. Singh and D. Blackmore, N. Aubry, Transient and steady state of rising bubble in a viscoelastic fluid, Journal of fluid mechanics, 589, 215-252, (2007)
  • C. Barbier, S. B. Pillapakkam, J. A. C. Humphrey, A. Ritter, W. Hanke, B. Otto, H. Bleckmann, Numerical and experimental investigation of fish lateral line canal, 5th International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, Munich, Germany (2007)
  • A. Kadakasham, S.B. Pillapakkam and P. Singh, Permeability of periodic arrays of spheres, Mechanics Research Communications, Volume 32, Issue 6, 1 November 2005, Pages 659-665.
  • Joseph A.C. Humphrey, Jorge L. Rosales, Lindsay A. Legendre, J. Patrick LeDuc, James P. Landers and S. Pillapakkam, Vortex dynamics in confined counter-current shearing flows with applications to mixing [Inter. J. Heat Fluid Flow 29 (2008) 1089–1102

Research Interest 

  • Direct numerical simulation of multiphase viscoelastic flow
  • Viscoelastic instabilities in bubbles and drops
  • Adsorption of particles at interface

Funding Sources

  • Department of Defense
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Department of Education
  • National Institutes of Health