Become a leader in quality and productivity management with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering in the College of Engineering at Temple University. This new, 128-credit hour undergraduate degree is a blend of engineering and business. Students are prepared to design, develop, implement and improve the integrated systems that help a wide variety of companies save money and increase operating efficiency.

The term “industrial and systems engineer” mistakenly leads people to believe that it's only about manufacturing. Rather, their work encompasses nearly every industry and sector.

The versatile, interdisciplinary curriculum positions you to graduate with the tools and skills that meet a growing demand for industrial and systems engineers. Compared to other engineering disciplines, Industrial and System Engineering students learn across the fields of study in a wide range of engineering and business courses that are applicable to many types of industries. Companies are continuously seeking to increase productivity and efficiency and improve quality. As a graduate of our Industrial and Systems engineering program you’ll have the knowledge base to provide these companies with innovative and applied solutions.

Through the program, you will

  • gain advanced skills in a cutting-edge advanced curriculum designed to solve today’s engineering problems
  • apply expertise to many fields, including entertainment companies, healthcare organizations, manufacturing industries, and shipping and logistics businesses; and
  • engineer systems and processes to strengthen quality and productivity.

The only program of its kind in the Philadelphia region, Temple’s Industrial and Systems Engineering degree builds on coursework in engineering, math, sciences, and business over eight semesters. You’ll learn the necessary analytical, computational, and experimental practices for system integration, in nine new courses developed specifically for the program.