Dr. Noemi Bonessio joins the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as an Assistant Professor. She earned her BS, MS and PhD in Structural Engineering from the Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. Dr. Bonessio develops innovative technologies aimed at enhancing the durability and resiliency of aging critical infrastructure and buildings. Dr. Bonessio is the inventor of a novel class of metamaterials for seismic protection, and is the creator of  METAseismic, an award-winning company she founded to protect lives and prevent unnecessary property destruction in earthquakes.

Dr. Bonessio has promoted cross-disciplinary applied research spanning between structural engineering, material science, and biomedical engineering through collaboration with local, national and international organizations, academic institutions and private companies around the world including the National Science Foundation, the United Nations Agency ITC/ILO, the European Community, and the California Department of Transportation. Dr. Bonessio was previously Ass. Project Scientist in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, post-doctorate scholar in Structural Engineering at the University of  California, San Diego, and research affiliate at the Caltrans Seismic Response Modification Device testing facility

Research Interests

  • Mechanical Metamaterials
    Additive Manufacturing for applications in civil engineering
    Large-scale experimental testing
    Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and resilient infrastructure systems
    Earthquake engineering with emphasis on vibration control
    Multiphysics analysis of structures and biomedical materials