Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program

Explore a career in planing, designing, constructing and operating infrastructure and facilities

Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program

You will find a variety of options open to you in the study of Civil Engineering, including a concentration in Environmental Engineering. Each focus offers well-rounded courses and stimulating electives that allow exploration of your individual interests. The curriculum in Civil Engineering provides an array of civil engineering fundamentals, applications, and design that prepares graduates of the program for the practice of civil engineering with careers in areas such as transit, water supply and infrastructure including advances and maintenance of geotechnical or structural engineering like bridges, tunnels and dams. The program requires that all students obtain first-hand laboratory experience so that our students have knowledge of experimental equipment. 

In the College of Engineering, both theoretical and practical skills can be further developed and refined by participating in an optional Cooperative Education (Co-op) program. A combination of hands-on mechanical skills with skills in mathematics, science and computing are great assets and predictors of success in this field.

Credit Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 
Foundation Science Courses18 credits
Required Science Courses14 credits
Required Engineering Courses60 credits
Minimum Credits Required, including GenEd Courses124 credits
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Enviornmental Engineering 
Foundation Math Courses18 credits
Foundation Science Courses15 credits
Required Engineering Courses62 credits
Minimum Credits Required, including GenEd Courses124 credits


Civil Engineering Bulletin

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This program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.