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Temple Engineering Rome Fact Sheet

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As a Temple engineering student you have the opportunity to take an exciting semester abroad in Rome, Italy. Sophomores in Mechanical and Civil Engineering majors study abroad taking thirteen credits over the semester. The Temple Rome campus, now celebrating its golden 50th anniversary, provides access to cultural activities and organized outings, and is located just north of Piazza del Popolo — a short distance from the Spanish steps — an area rich with history absorbed just by walking through the streets. You will have the choice of living in a dorm-like setting with other Temple Rome students or becoming fully immersed by living with an Italian family. 

One of the big advantages of Temple Engineering's study abroad is that you will take the same classes in Rome as you would on main campus — three engineering classes and Italian I. Many schools offer abroad programs however, these mostly only deliver general education classes, Temple’s College of Engineering is one of the few that are able to offer engineering coursework so that you won't miss a beat in the demanding engineering curriculum.

An additional advantage is that Temple Rome is still Temple so that your credits transfer seamlessly and count towards your GPA. There are no issues with tuition, transfering coursework or administration, so it is an opportunity to study abroad and still "fly in 4." The program has the unique advantage of its access to all students regardless of need or scholarship situation and will have virtually no disruption to financing because Temple Rome is really just another Temple campus. So instead of all the paperwork and wrangling of a traditional semester abroad, this will be just another semester at Temple, but of course it will be anything but ordinary.

If you are interested, start planning during freshman year by visiting your advisor. For more information about Temple Rome, visit