Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research gives Temple students the practical experience they need to truly succeed.

Undergraduate Research

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Faculty research profiles.

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The College of Engineering strongly encourages undergraduate students to participate in research activities. The undergraduate years are an ideal time to get involved; the experience of working in a laboratory with other undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members will not only help you to gain an appreciation of the application of theory to practice, but can help with graduate school applications and professional development.

To learn more about the research conducted at the college, interested students should contact a member of the faculty who is involved in the research area of interest. Alternatively, students can contact the College of Engineering’s Office of Undergraduate Studies for more information, visit the website of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies or download the PDF of faculty research profiles.

There are three main avenues for undergraduate students interested in participating in a research experience: 

  • Students with strong academic backgrounds may search for employment opportunities in one of the college’s research laboratories. Such employment opportunities may be listed on the lab’s or department’s website. Opportunities may also be posted at StudentJobs@temple. 
  • Contact a faculty member directly to ask about voluntary research opportunities
  • Participate in one of the university-wide research programs. More information about these programs can be found on the website for the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies.    

Recent undergraduate student research projects:

- Raffaele Longo, Mechanical Engineering

  Mentor: Gaetano Restivo, assistant professor, Mechanical Engineering

  Using Digital Image Correlation for Measuring Mechanical Properties of Biomaterials

  2013 Diamond Scholars Research Program 

- Vira Oleksyuk,  Electrical and Computer Engineering

  Mentor: Chang-Hee Won, associate professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  Tactile and Spectral Imaging System for Lesion Identification

  2013 TURF-CreWS Program 

- Kenneth Paszek, Steven Newell, Lakin Daynorowicz, Rosenelle Pierre, James Furman and Torin Johnson

  Mentor: Robert Ryan, assistant professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

  EWB El Salvador Las Delicias, San Juan Opico Clean Water Project

  Creative Arts, Research And Scholarship (CARAS) Program

Hear Carrigan Braun discuss her summer research activities: