Research Labs & Centers

The College of Engineering's faculty is active in several research centers and laboratories, all dedicated to specific fields of interest with core groups of faculty, students, and staff.

Research Labs & Centers

With more than a dozen research centers focusing on a variety of Engineering based initiatives, Temple College of Engineering can act as a powerful institution of higher learning through practical discovery. Labs focusing on the latest trends in Bioengineering and Biomechanics, blistering advancements in computer fusion or the newest technological progressions leading the civil and environmental fields, now more important than ever, all find their home here on campus.

Please read more about our labs and centers, see what our faculty and staff are up to and see how you can engage in this exciting field in a practical, hands-on way.  

Explore Research Labs & Centers

Biofluidics Laboratory

Learn more about the incredible working being done in the Biofluidics Lab

Biomechanics Laboratory

See what kind of collaborations are taking place at the Biomechanics Lab


This inter-disciplinary lab has applications in bio and aerospace engineering.

Chaotic Systems Laboratory

Controlling chaotic systems to teach us about our world.

Composites Laboratory

Read on to see some of the ground-breaking work being done at the Composites Lab

Computer Fusion Laboratory

Enter the world of Computer Fusion and find out what the future holds

Renewable Energy Research Lab

Some of the most important work in the world is being done in this field. Find out more.

System Chip Design Laboratory

Forging the new paradigm of complex digital systems right at Temple U.

Tissue Imaging & Spectroscopy Laboratory

Innovative imaging methods are making headway in medical science

Water & Environmental Technology Center

Utilizing the latest scientific methods to ensure fresh water for the world.