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Welcome to the web site of the Renewable Energy Laboratory where Dr. Svetlana Neretina and her research team are advancing materials preparation techniques which will give rise to the nanostructured photonic surfaces needed to power photovoltaic devices, photocatalyze important chemical reactions and act as the optical sensing elements for the detection of chemical and biological species. Our vision is one where the photonic surfaces needed to realize these functionalities will best be achieved through a multidisciplinary approach which combines the solution-based techniques typically practiced by chemists with the substrate-based fabrication techniques which are the cornerstone of the digital revolution. With a focus on substrate-based noble metal nanostructures comprised of gold, silver, palladium and platinum, our aim is to develop the synthetic protocols required to fabricate organized surfaces of intricate nanostructures, establish the mechanistic framework needed chemically control their formation, determine whether the expected functionalities are realized and prototype devices which demonstrate functionality. I invite you to explore our web site to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the exciting work being carried out by my remarkable team.

Currently accepting applications for graduate researchers!!!

Recent Highlights

Spencer Golze receive his Masters degree at the 2016 Summer Commencement

May 2016. Spencer Golze (center) after the graduation ceremorny.

Will and Nat Watkins win the 1st place in the county science fair

March 2016. High school students Will and Nat carried out research at the Renewable Energy Lab which received 1st Prize at the Bucks County Science Fair.

Custom-built reaction chamber

December 2015. Senior Design "Nano Solutions" team (Carmen Carachilo, Martin Devlin, Hyunhee Lee and Will Poskitt) constructed the reaction chamber equipped with motorized syringe pumps.

Carrigan L. Braun is interviewed about her undergraduate summer research in Dr. Neretina's lab

August 2015. Dr. Neretina's Lab - Undergraduate Summer Research. Undergraduate student Carrigan L Braun (left) is working with a graduate student Maryam Hajfathalian (right).

Kyle D. Gilroy joins Dr. Younan Xia group as a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology

July 2015. Kyle D. Gilroy received a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship at the Georgia Institute of technology.

Senior Design team members Saurav Guru, Francis Lee and Robert Douglas Winslow receive their B.Sc. degrees at the 2014 Winter Commencement

December 2014. Senior Design "Hydrogen Sensor" team (Saurav Guru, Francis Lee, Svetlana  Neretina and Robert Douglas Winslow) after the graduation ceremorny.

Pouyan Farzinpour and Aarthi Sundar receive their Ph.D. degrees at the 2014 Summer Commencement

May 2014. Dr. Pouyan Farzinpour (left) and Dr. Aarthi Sundar (right) after the graduation ceremorny.

Microwave Plasma Reactor

Microwave Plasma ReactorApril 2013. Senior Design team (Zack Eskin, Stephen Ng, Jason Martin, Matt Bruns) constructed the microwave plasma reactor.

Pennsylvania Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival

Pennsylvania Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living FestivalSeptember 17 2011. Dr. Neretina was invited to give a talk entitled “Next Generation Solar Cells: Challeges and Opportunities” at the Pennsylvania Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival, Kempton, PA.

NSF Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE)

NSF Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE)June 1 2011. Dr. Neretina’s NSF Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) grant supports 7 undergraduate summer internships.

Solar Simulator

Solar SimulatorSeptember 2010. Solar Simulator Workstation Assembled for Renewable Energy Teaching Laboratory (Pouyan Farzinpour, Ian Harding).

Women’s Engineering Exploration (WE2)

Women’s Engineering Exploration (WE2)July 2010. Dr. Neretina’s lab welcomes high school students to Temple’s WE2 program (Women’s Engineering Exploration).

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