Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory

The Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory is a 800-sqft facility located in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The laboratory is equipped to conduct experimentation in the field of microbiology, phytotechnology, and molecular biology. The laboratory also owns advanced analytical equipment and is equipped for working under sterile conditions. An additional 300-sqft growth room contains various incubators and lighted shelves for growing bacteria, algae, and plants.

Major equipment:

  • Five-color real-time PCR system (Applied Biosystems)
  • Electrophoresis units and UV transilluminator
  • 32-L vertical-loading autoclave
  • Four-foot Class II Biosafety laminar-flow cabinet
  • 2 six-foot chemical hoods
  • Anaerobic glove box with automatic airlock and vacuum pump (Coy Lab)
  • Lighted shelves equipped with cold white fluorescent tubes for plant growth
  • Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (Agilent 7890A GC - 5975C MSD/DS)
  • High performance liquid chromatograph (Agilent 1260 Infinity LC - Diode ArrayDetector VL)
  • High resolution TOC analyzer (Shimadzu)
  • 96-well microplate spectrofluorimeter (LJL Biosystem)
  • UV-visible spectrophotometer with PDA (Agilent 8453)
  • Nanopure water, liquid nitrogen, and ice

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