Biofluidics Laboratory

Biofluidics Laboratory

The primary focus of the work in our Laboratory is to develop fluidic models to realistically mimic the microvascular and tissue conditions and to better understand the inflammatory process in disease conditions. We are developing a series of novel technologies for targeting drugs to irradiated tumors and pro-angiogenic compounds to infracted cardiac tissue and a “microvascular network on a chip” for studying microvascular drug delivery. The research is highly interdisciplinary in nature and involves a number of important collaborative efforts with scientists and engineers in academia and in industry.

Please feel free to view some of our recent publications, check out our research interests and contact us if you need any additional information. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Mohammad F. Kiani, Ph.D., F.A.H.A.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Radiation Oncology
Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Temple University


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