Research Internships

Exposure to research through internships opens doors

Research Internships

As an engineer you'll either pursue a career in industry or go down the path of research. Experience and hands-on learning are such a big part of being an engineer, so we encourage you to explore the summer internships that interest you, or try both!

Students have a great deal of interaction with faculty and graduate students because of the small class sizes and time spent in labs for coursework. Often internships are born out of these relationships. The college also has many connections with organizations and research projects happening outside of the college ranging from NASA to Harvard and opportunities abroad. Nearly 75% of Temple engineering students partipate in either a research or professional internship.

There is also an opportunity to be a part of Temple's Summer Educational Enhancement Opportunity.  Students in this program are eligible to earn a stipend during the summer to fund a research project, internship or study away/study abroad program. This is available for President’s Scholars, Provost’s Scholars and students admitted to the Honors Program as first-year students. Specific eligibility and guidelines can be found with the Office of the Provost. 

College of Engineering Merit Scholar Students submitting for a summer stipend will need to apply. Please contact Shawn Fagan at for more information.