Co-op and Internships

Gain valuable, hands-on experience

Co-op and Internships

Experience is where your education becomes real. Working in a professional environment provides invaluable hands-on exposure to engineering. 

The advantage of putting your study to work is that you will have a clearer idea about whether your chosen major is the right one for you. You will build a network of professionals working in the industry and your resume will include real positions and examples of applied work that will give you an edge when seeking permanent employment after graduation. Our Center for Academic Advising and Student Affairs (CAASA) is available for guidance and support and to answer any questions. 


Summer internships are the most common application of study in the field. A fast growing number of Temple Engineering students take advantage of at least one during college. Internships are found through the strong network of alumni, corporate and faculty connections. You may find these positions through the college's robust career fairs and the extensive resources available in Temple's Career Center. The National Accociation of College and Employers (NACE) survey shows that 73% of employers offer employment to interns, and the College of Engineering trends show a similar pattern. You should take advantage of the time between spring and fall semesters to get out there and get these rewarding positions. 

Co-op Program

In the Co-op program, you will have the chance to try a variety of engineering fields and work side-by-side with professionals in alternating academics and six+ month assignments, while working full-time at a competitive wage. This optional program allows you to decide on the structure of your work and study. You can choose to do either one or two co-ops and whether you want to work in the fall or spring semester. The program’s flexibility gives you the freedom to tailor fit the experience into your academic schedule and plan.

All sophomore and junior level students are able to participate in the program as long as the minimum requirements are met. A co-op experience in the senior year is difficult and not recommended due to the time needed for completion of senior project. You must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and have completed at least 30 credit hours. Transfer students must complete at least 1 semester at Temple University. Interested students should make and appointment with the office.

Co-op and internship positions are for ambitious students that take initiative in the effort to find their placements, interview and be prepared.  The benefit is a jump start to your career in order to gain the benefits of an experience that will shape your future in engineeering.