Career Pathway

Your step-by-step guide to career success!

Thinking about your career and knowing what to do to get started can be intimidating. Managing your career is a lifelong skill, but you can get great habits and get started right now. To show how to be successful we did like engineers do, and broke it down into a process for reaching your post-graduation career goals. 

Welcome to the College of Engineering Pathway – a guide for what to do when, while you are earning your degree. Take these steps along your college journey and you'll jump start your career. Get the essentials, and some experiential learning, to boost your resume to the top of any pile. You are now on your way to landing your dream job when you graduate.

Start freshman year, or jump in from wherever you are now — it is never to early or too late to take these steps!

Stop by and talk with us at CAASA to see where you are and how we can help you on your path. 

Coming soon: We’re even developing an app around the tracker that will show your progress and get you some cool Temple swag! Stay tuned.