Message from the Dean

As dean for more than a decade I have had the pleasure of watching the fruits of our labor in the growth of the College of Engineering. Our small college of under 700 students has burgeoned to more than 2,000. We have hired distinguished faculty from reputable universities to teach our students, perform breakthrough research and also, notably, we have started a new department in bioengineering.

There is no better place to get an education in engineering. Our faculty receive prestigious awards and the increase we have seen in research grants will address some of the world’s most pressing problems like water quality and innovations in medical treatment.

The value of an engineering degree from Temple is evident in our high job placement rates, excellent starting salaries and/or entrance into graduate level studies. We also have seen continued positive movement in our college rankings. The recent graduating class displayed their work at Senior Design Day. I think anyone who attended would agree that it was impressive. These graduating students are well equipped to address the world’s issues, excel in their careers and make their mark.

Even as our college expands we feel that our students are family. We invest in their success with support programs and advising. Our career fairs are vibrant with increasing number of participating organizations, and our connections in professional communities continuously provide terrific feedback as to the quality of our students and their contributions. Also, we are proud of our active Student Organizations who are doing amazing things for the students both professionally and in the community.

The next five years promise more great things as we look to continuously improve our quality and our facilities, building to the next echelon of growth and reputation. I am more excited than ever to be a part of this college and educating the next generation of engineers.


Keya Sadeghipour