CoENIC is housing one of the most comprehensive Scanning Electron Microscopes (FEI Quanta 450FEG SEM) equipped with the latest Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (Oxford Aztec Energy Advanced EDS System). These Nanotechnology tools address the need to investigate a wide variety of materials and characterize structure and composition.

Key features

  • Only high resolution FEG-SEM with ESEM technology
  • Characterize conductive and non-conductive samples with SE and BSE imaging in every mode of operation
  • Minimize the amount of sample preparation, low vacuum and ESEM capability enables charge-free imaging and analysis of non-conductive and/or hydrated specimens
  • Enable EDS analysis on conductive and non-conductive samples in high and low vacuum
  • Imaging with beam deceleration mode to get surface and compositional information from conductive samples
  • Easy to use, intuitive software makes highly effective operation possible for novice users
  • Possible additions: Perform dynamic in situ analysis of samples in their natural state above or below ambient temperatures from - 165 °C to 1000 °C with specialized in situ stages. High resolution bright and dark field imaging of thin slices of materials by scanning transmission electron detector (STEM). In situ mechanical and electrical measurements.

Our Mission

The primary objective of our mission is to enhance the education, collaboration, research, and outreach - related to all aspects of electron probe instrumentation, techniques, and applications.

Our Staff

Our facility is wholly multi-user and multi-departmental, available for use by qualified individuals. Highly qualified microscopist and material scientist Prof. Dmitriy Dikin manages the facility, directed by Prof. Parsaoran Hutapea. Regular training sessions and technical support are offered. Short courses will be offered soon as a part of CoENIC educational program.