Engineering Fundamentals

This plan of study integrates the basics of civil and electrical or mechanical engineering to provide an interdisciplinary professional career

The BSE-EF program offers a relevant, stimulating, and effective course of undergraduate study to produce broadly trained engineers with an understanding of the fundamental principles needed to comprehend modern design, technology, innovations and engineering practices.

The BSE-EF program emphasizes a core background in engineering as a basis for possible further study in business, law, medicine or an engineering discipline leading to professional licensure. The BSE-EF program is adaptable and can accommodate the development of specific interests and course of study. Professional employment could include positions at the crucial interface between engineering and society in the global industrial economy. 

The BSE-EF program includes requisite and approve technical electives, which provides flexibility in the course of study and an introduction to macro and Engineering economics and management as preparation for your professional employment and further study.

The BSE-EF program can utilize the Engineering Co-Op and Internship opportunities to enhance your undergraduate education. For further information contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies at the College or the BSE-FE program Director (Dr. Dennis Silage,