Student Speaker Application

Learn more about becoming the student speaker at your commencement



Graduating seniors interested in being the student speaker at the College of Engineering Graduation Ceremony use the following guidelines. 

Criteria for the College of Engineering undergraduate student speaker

  • The student speaker is a graduating senior with a minimum  GPA of 3.00
  • The student speaker is a representative of the graduating class who has made a constructive social and/or educational impact on the College of Engineering community.
  • The student speaker is well spoken and able to capture the celebration of this capstone event within the time allowed (4-5 minutes).

Required documents

  • Application
  • A written summary or outline of your proposed speech.
  • A one-page personal statement indicating your future goals, past accomplishments, and your reason(s) for wishing to represent your class as Undergraduate Student Speaker.
  • A current resume or cv.
  • A recommendation from a faculty member that reflects your strongest qualities.

Application Deadline

Applications for the Fall 2016 ceremony are due: Friday, October 14th to Yvette Gibson in room 204 of the College of Engineering